Shiran Gems

Shiran Gems has been striding in the world of precious and semiprecious gems since 2015. Hailing from the paradise island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that is famous for Sapphires, Rubies, topaz, Amethysts, Citrine, Aquamarine, Garnet and moonstone. The natural resources of the country have led to the treasure trove of these beautiful brilliant stones that has gained popularity all around the world. The gems are obtained from the mining centers of the town Rathnapura, ‘the City of Gems’ is the heart of the gem trade of the country. It holds the long history of precious stone mining.

Once mined out these precious stones are then sent to the factory to be cut and polished into fine jewels. Shiran Gems gained its recognition through excellent workmanship, brilliant cut, shape and the craftsmanship of each individual stone which is transformed into precious gems. Each Gem bears a certification of its brilliance, cut and it's value before it is traded both locally and internationally. The key gem being the fine collection of natural Ceylon Sapphires that comes with a true blue brilliance and size. Owner of many mines, Shiran Gems truly provides a high lapidary services of genuine sawing, calibrating, brilliant cuts and fine polishing.

Our Own Gem Mining