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Shiran Gems has been striding in the world of precious and semiprecious gems since 2015. Hailing from the paradise island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that is famous for Sapphires, Rubies, topaz, Amethysts, Citrine, Aquamarine, Garnet and moonstone. The natural resources of the country have led to the treasure trove of these beautiful brilliant stones that has gained popularity all around the world. The gems are obtained from the mining centers of the town Rathnapura, ‘the City of Gems’ is the heart of the gem trade of the country. It holds the long history of precious stone mining.

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Gem history of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s gem industry has a history of nearly 2500 years. Then and now gems were a major export product of the island making it world famous for precious stones. From the first century AD numerous are the scattered references made to the country’s precious and semi-precious stones. Archeological evidence has proved that even in pre-historic times gems had attracted the country’s early inhabitants.

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Testing &

We provide the certification that is of par with the international standard and acknowledgement on each of the effect in filtered onto the stone thus bringing the best of its quality along with the brilliance through skilled craftsmanship. Our renowned and exclusive workmanship is the key feature sorted after by many international traders.

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we are proud of our accolade and recognition received by many of the bodies both national and international. Our workmanship and dedication in producing brilliance with quality has been accepted and honoured by the

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